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Coffee or tea

So upset with lofter that I didn't get any writing done (even in English).

It's Sunday and I am off work, so I have been spending the day (it's 1pm here atm) watching youtube videos. And as I moved on watching coffee mug collection videos (yes I am a diningware junkie), I suddenly have this thought of who drinks what in Starmyu.

My son Hoshitani seems to be the type which is okay with both the old fashioned tea and orange juice. Definitely seems the type who does not care and willing to try, however straight black coffee he may found too bitter (aka the usual teenager).

Ootori is a black coffee drinker definitely, orange juice seems to be something he just picked up when he was in Team Haruto, something he has alot of memories with, but maybe not something he actually likes.

Hiragi (Tsubasa) seems to be somebody who enjoys flat white or cappuccino, kinda grown-up, very westernised feel. Something I think he grew up getting used to drinking during all these years after he left the Ootori family.

Nayuki--cafe latte :D Latte is not too strong with the milk, I don't know why but he gives me the feeling that he likes drinking milk alot (please no milk jokes lol).

Tengenji--straightly Japanese tea drinker apparently according to canon he is a coffee drinker lol.

Maybe I will have an one-shot about this later :D