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Just a drabble on favourite beverage (Starmyu)

Sorry for using English (however I feel way better while I am typing in this :D) 

I have no idea how this will go, as I am just literally just sitting down with a cup of banana milk and type >u< This is just how I work XD

Thus please don't ask me what is the plot. Please forgive me, my English is basically only good enough for daily conversation, so please don't compare me with native speakers.

No beta, no beta, no beta. Please tell me if there are any typo.

Characters may be OOC (please tell me if they do). As I said, this drabble has no point at all XD

Set after season 2, I think.

Enjoy :)

P.S Ootori and Hiragi and will always be just twin brothers in my verse.  


"Ootori-senpai, Hiragi-senpai! I can't believe that you are here!" Hoshitani was surprised to see the couple in front of him.

"I feel like I have to come back for the orientation day," Ootori replied, "and I dragged Hiragi here. I think he will be delighted to see his students."

"They are no longer my students, Ootori." Hiragi turned to Hoshitani, "Congratulations for getting into the Kao Council, Hoshitani. I am sure you will do a good job."

"Thank you, Hiragi-senpai." Hoshitani seemed to be embarrassed all of a sudden. "Hmmm, if you have time, would you like to have a coffee? I will call the others so we can have a reunion."

Hiragi glanced at Ootori, who looked very pleased. "We do not have anything planned for the day, so we are fine having a coffee."

"In that case, I am informing the others now." Hoshitani beamed at Hiragi's response, and quickly started typing on his phone.


"So, how are you lately? Getting used to the workload yet?" Ootori looked at Hoshitani after they finished ordering.

"Yeah......I am stoked that I got into the Council. However, I am definitely not the best ones......shouldn't it be somebody else? I am surprised that not the entire Team Hiragi was selected into the Council. I mean, it was the case with you and Haruto-san's team, right?" 

"Well, having the same team in the council has never been a requirement. However, with both us and Haruto-senpai, it just happened that our team members were the best candidates for the positions. We knew each other well, so it would be easier to work together." Hiragi explained, "However, it is obvious that most of you have a good relationship, and I personally believe that it is the reason the last Kao Council made the decision not to include the whole team for this acadmic year."

"But still--" 

"Why are you questioning yourself now, Hoshitani?" Ootori cannot understand, Hoshitani has always been the kohai who has confidence in himself and others.

"Hiragi-senpai, Ootori-senpai! It has been awhile." Tatsumi Rui came to their seats with Sawatari Eigo, who always followed Tatsumi without failed. Their entrance stopped Hoshitani from responding.

"Tatsumi, Sawatari, it is good to see you." Hiragi greeted the two. "Tatsumi, Sawatari, here you are!" Hoshitani was relieved when he saw the newcomers. "Where are the others?"

"You did not see the message? They cannot come in, so it is just us." 

"What a pity! Since Hiragi-senpai and Ootori-senpai are here, I thought that we could all have a reunion!" Hoshitani pouted. "Oh! I will order for you, Tatsumi, Sawatari. What do you want? Tatsumi, you want Earl Grey right? Sawatari, they have a new blend called Emperor's Clouds*, I am sure you will like it! You go make yourself comfortable, I will be right back!" And Hoshitani ran towards the waitress.

Looking at Hoshitani, Tatsumi turned to Hiragi and Ootori after awhile. "Senpai, does Hoshitani seem abit different to you?"

"We were asking why Hoshitani was feeling that he is not suitable for the seat at the Council," Ootori replied, "but he went away before he could reply." 

"I do not understand, why is Hoshitani doubting himself?"

Tatsumi and Sawatari looked at each other, and Tatsumi hesitantly replied, "......this is not the first time it happened. Despite how Hoshitani carries himself, he does have a side where he doubts his ability, although he hides it well." 

"What do you mean? Not the first time?"

"Ootori, they are talking about the time when Hoshitani took my role as Lambert. Surely you were aware of it?" Hiragi could not believe what Ootori just said.

"I thought that it was just because he was upset that my Alexis wasn't in tune with his Lambert!**" Ootori objected.

"......Ootori, sometimes I just wonder about you."



"Yes, Sawatari?"

"Do you think it is okay, to let Hoshitani continue to be like that?" Sawatari was thinking about the conversation they had with their senpai. It certainly changed his perception on Ootori-senpai.

"You know perfectly we will not be able to help Hoshitani. It does not matter how close we are now, or that he does have confidence in himself, to him, a part of us are still Team Hiragi, the star of stars. The only people who can help him, are either Nayuki or Ageha, if he cannot overcome it himself." Tatsumi sighed. "I wish he can open up to us, like how we opened up to him."

"......Tatsumi, actually you are jealous of Ageha, since he is closer to Hoshitani, and gets to use his first name."

Tatsumi paused, and resumed walking. 

"What are you talking about, Sawatari?"



* Taken from a tea blend from TEAVANA, named Emperor's Clouds and Peach Tranquility Tea Blend.

** Just a personal headcanon I have for this piece in regards of Ootori's understanding of Hoshitani in Episode 10. Clearly he wouldn't put too much thoughts in Hoshitani's feelings, not when he is being confused and depressed himself because of Hiragi leaving. So in here, he just thought that Hoshitani was frustrated because he could not make his Lambert and Ootori's Alexis worked (we all knew that Hoshitani was questioning himself, and in a way blaming himself that his Lambert was not working). I am not saying that in episode 10 Ootori is not aware of it, but for this drabble's sake, he did not realise that he overlooked Hoshitani's self-questioning and guilt.

Seems that this one is mostly for TatsuHoshi :D

Oh, and I totally believe that Hoshitani is actually super observant on other people's emotions (when it does not concern himself), he would be the good kid who would want Team Hiragi to have a reunion because he knows how much they/Tatsumi misses Hiragi (from episode 10) :)

Please don't ask me how a drabble which was supposed to be on their favourite drinks turned into this lol