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漫步於櫻林 (ALL悠太)(英文初稿)

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This series is based on the headcanon that Futaba Taiga is Hoshitani Yuuta's relative, which I got from umbreonblue on AO3. The story is set after Season 2 Episode 8, with some assumptions and possible spoilers from the drama. I will try to avoid any OOCness, please tell me if there is any :)

P.S This is labelled as Shounen Ai, and everyone loves Yuuta (well, most of them) :)

#1 (In which you can see the glass slippers peeking from the dress )


  You would be able to hear a pin drop. 

  The practice studio has never faced such a solemn atmosphere. Everybody is waiting for the star of the day to show up.

  The stand-in for Hiragi-senpai's Lambert--due to his sudden change in schedule, he will not be able to attend the performance as an actor. He will still be able to watch the musicial, however there is no way he could fit the rehearsals with his filming. While it is a pity that they will not be seeing Hiragi-senpai to act with his fellow members from the Kao Council, it is a great oppurtunity for his debut. They cannot take it away from him. 

  The Star Flame Class was very worried and nervous after the news. There is no way they can change the script, as there are traditionally ten speaking roles in the play, and they are not willing to destroy that (even the liberal team Ootori). As Lambert is the star character with Ootori-senpai's Alexis, it is of vitual importance on who is taking over the role. The Ancients did not allow them to panic for long, as Saotome-san dropped another bomb, "Hoshitani-kun, as you were the training support for Hiragi, can you act as the stand-in for Lambert, until we find a permanent replacement? We assume that you have memorised Lambert's lines?" The brunette, shakened from the sudden request, was only able to give a weak "yes".

  This brings back to the scene, where everyone in the class were waiting for Hoshitani to show up. All of them came in early because of the anticipation and worry. While they have to agree that Hoshitani has improved, however it is not enough for a leading role, even just for a stand-in in practice. Although they trust in Hoshitani's ability, the rest of the team Ootori worried. If Hoshitani does not have what it needs to be Lambert, the failure may affect his ability to fight for the role of Alexis' shadow, even for an optimistic person like Hoshitani. The team knows clearly Hoshitani's desire to be on the same stage with Ootori-senpai, the one he admires so much that he decided to chase after, even joining the same school and walking on the path to be a musicial performer. 

  Although they can see the potential Hoshitani Yuuta has, with his last minute performance at the drama club, however it is still a mystery if he can be a successful actor. Uozumi definitely does not want to prove Saotome right, that Hoshitani is not enough to act in the professional field. The trust Haru has in this boy makes him to take the risk more than before. Since he noticed this boy before Haru, maybe this is the chance that he can prove himself to Haruto. 

  (He does not want to admit that he does not want to disappoint Haruto.) 

  However, this boy is indeed interesting. A part of him will mourn if he has to give up on him. It will be worse than the time he lost Ootori-hime to Haru.

  Unlike the rest, Ageha Riku saw Yuuta singing as Lambert. Although he did not want to admit at that time, he could see the spark Ootori and his god saw. Yuuta's technique may not be the best, however his personal character makes him attractive on the stage. This ability to alight the stage to life is important for performers. Ageha truely hopes that this person who brought him out from the suffocating cage of being a copy of Tsukigami Haruto, can attend his dream. If Tsukigami Haruto is his inspiration, then Hoshitani Yuuta is his light which taught him that being himself is a better way to show his admiration. 

  He believes that Yuuta will be a great Lambert, given that he finally understand the character. He trusts that Yuuta will find a way.

  It feels like a century has passed, when they can hear the footsteps from outside. 

  The minute when Hoshitani stepped inside the room, they can feel that something has changed in the air, something indescrible.
  They do not know when, they do not know how, but they know that something is changing right now......